Financial Edge Marketing’s Brand Engineering process has been designed specifically to address the needs and constraints that are unique to financial services marketing. Our process provides a highly focused and market-driven approach for creating a strong brand identity, communicating carefully defined brand attributes and managing marketplace perceptions. A well-defined, carefully orchestrated brand identity provides competitive differentiation that can be leveraged to maximize the effectiveness of marketing communications, public relations and promotional initiatives.

The Brand Engineering Process focuses on the creation of these essential brand elements:
Brand Credo. A brand identity statement that articulates what a firm wants to ‘stand for’ in the marketplace—i.e., how they wish to be perceived and the attributes they want to have associated with the brand.

Marketing Messaging. Benefit-driven messages that have been crafted specifically to reinforce a firm’s marketing strategy, resonate with its target markets and incorporate words and phrases that crystallize thought and move people to action.

Marketing Signature. A unifying theme and powerful design system that will serve as the firm’s signature in everything they do.

An Effective Corporate Story. A highly differentiated, well-constructed corporate story will serve as the spring-board to explain how a firm can help prospects in its target market(s) meet their specific needs.