Financial Webology, a division of Financial Edge Marketing, specializes in creating attractive and effective websites that reinforce a financial services firm’s brand and clearly deliver key marketing messages to clients and prospects. We never forget that the user is the focus of the website design and development process.

We believe that developing a successful financial services website is both an art and a science. Our approach combines creativity and technology to develop a website that provides competitive advantage by engaging visitors in a personal and memorable way.

We address a number of elements that contribute to an effective website design, including:

  • Design. We use appealing design elements to highlight—not compete with— the content, clarify the page layout, attract visitors’ attention and maintain their interest.
  • Content. We develop rich, focused copy that engages and motivates the reader, and clearly states our client’s value propositions.
  • Usability. We pay special attention to a site’s organization and navigation and speed of loading.
  • Search Engine Compatibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables a financial services firm to proactively improve the effectiveness of its site by taking positive steps to ensure that it will consistently appear in the first few pages of search results on major search engines. Effective SEO can dramatically improve a site’s ability to reach target market segments and attract the attention of prospects who would not otherwise know about your firm.